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  • Let's Discover: Experiments
  • WOTS: Experiment
  • Street Story: Observe, Record, Annoy (worm experiment)
  • Experiments: Changing Pitch
  • Murray Experiment: Bubbles
  • Experiments: Catching Bubbles

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Download this educator guide with fun, hands-on activities that you can do in the classroom. Included is a family newsletter to extend learning at home.
Classroom STEM: Experiments

Download this family newsletter that offers simple tips and activity ideas for doing experiments with your child.
STEM at Home: Experiments

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Little Discoverers: Big Fun with Science, Math and More, is a digital destination featuring videos, games, and activities to inspire preschoolers and the adults in their lives to incorporate STEM—Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math—concepts and skills into everyday moments. Access this site on your mobile device for new Sesame Street STEM mobile games.

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