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Little Children, Big Challenges: Divorce
Divorce can be a big challenge for both children and parents. Though times may be difficult, children can emerge feeling loved and supported. You can all grow through these family changes and discover just how strong you really are. You are not alone. Family, friends, neighbors, and others are these to offer support. Here are some tools to help your child through your divorce.

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For Parents

When you talk with your child about tough topics, you help her to grow and thrive. To help navigate through these conversations, we offer a variety of materials for you and your child such as videos, songs, and printable guides. Our printable guides are available for download or to read right now on your computer or e-reader device. In our video library, you will find all of our original content created especially for families who are going through divorce or separation. If you want to download our videos to watch them later, they are available for free on iTunes: Little Children, Big Challenges: Divorce.

#1 Feeling Loved
Spend quiet time with your child just snuggling and letting him know how much you love him.
#2 It's Not Your Fault
Assure your child that a divorce is a grown-up issue and he did nothing to cause the divorce.
#3 Create a Calendar
Look at a calendar together as you talk about where your child will be on each day.
#4 Answering Questions
Take time to talk and listen to your child's questions and concerns.
#5 How Are You Feeling?
Ask, "How are you feeling?" If she can't tell you, give her some crayons and paper and ask, "Can you draw a picture that shows how you feel?"
#6 Spending Time Together
Spend time just having fun. Take turns tossing a ball into a bucket or making a fort with blocks. Remind your child that, no matter what, she can still do things she likes.

About This Project

Divorce is one of the most common major transitions in children's lives, with 40 percent of all children experiencing the divorce of their parents. With Little Children, Big Challenges: Divorce, Sesame Street has created much-needed resources for families with young children (ages 2 8) as they encounter the tough transitions that come with divorce.
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