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Sesame Street Printables

Cut, color, fold, and learn with printable activities to try at home.

Elmo's Playdate: Scavenger Hunt

Have fun on a scavenger hunt with Elmo and Abby! Ir >

Letter P is for Pickle coloring sheet

Help Oscar paint a pickle masterpiece! Ir >

Play Pretend Coloring Pages

Coloring pages of Lily, Chamki, and Zuzu playing pretend wit Ir >

Country Flag Coloring Pages

Meet Lily, Chamki, and Zuzu from China, India and South Afri Ir >

Holiday Decorations Craft

Print, cut out and color these holiday decorations with your Ir >

Color the Gingerbread Friends

Have fun decorating the gingerbread friends. Ir >

Christmas Card

Celebrate Christmas with Sesame Street friends!  Ir >

Cookie's Foodie Truck Menu

Imagine what Cookie Monster and Gonger are cooking today by  Ir >

Veterans Day Coloring Pages

Celebrate the hero in your life with these coloring pages. Ir >

Ernie's Autumn Hay Maze

Help Ernie find his way through the hay maze! Ir >

Make Ernie and Bert Jack-o-Lanterns!

Ask a grown-up to help you make a friendly jack-o-lantern.  Ir >

Halloween Masks

Dress up with these Sesame Street Halloween masks! Ir >

Rudy on the Run

Color Rudy as he runs through the park with Abby's wand Ir >

Classroom Fun with Rudy

Join Rudy and Abby in the classroom for coloring fun. Ir >

Rudy on the Steps on Sesame Street

Color Rudy as he learns all about his new home...Sesame Stre Ir >

Rudy's Garden Maze

Rudy made a flower for his stepsister Abby. Ir >

Make Your Own Art

Print and create your very own work of art!  Ir >

Cookie Look and Find

Can you find all of the items in The Cookie Thief?  Ir >

Cookie Dress Up

Cut out these tools and have your own detective adventure.  Ir >

Draw by Numbers

Connects the dots to reveal the image and then color it!  Ir >

Elmo's World: Compliment Cards

Spread a little kindness with these compliment cards. Ir >

Elmo's World: Baby Seal's Maze

Help the baby seal find the way back to his mommy. Ir >

Elmo's World: Kindness Bingo

Use this bingo card to keep track of the kind things you do. Ir >

Elmo's World: Tic-Tac-Toe

Learn to share and take turns with a game of tic-tac-toe. Ir >

Parade of Pride

Have a finger puppet thank-you parade for our veterans! Ir >

Elmo The Musical: Cowboy Math

Help Cowboy Elmo pair up his herd of kitty-cows. Ir >

Elmo The Musical: What If? Pizza Coloring Page

Imagine what happens when Elmo delivers a pizza to space. Ir >

Elmo The Musical: Pizza Math

Help Astronaut Elmo count out the number of pizza slices. Ir >

Elmo the Musical: Pizza Paper Doll

Dress Elmo like an astronaut and imagine a space adventure. Ir >

Elmo The Musical: Cowboy Paper Doll Costume

Dress Elmo like a cowboy in the wild West. Ir >

Magic Patterns

Find patterns in these Flying Fairy School activity pages. Ir >

What's Different?

Help Super Grover in this coloring page. Ir >

Vacation Activities

Make family travel a breeze with these activities. Ir >

Thank You Notes

Give your friends a little bit of thanks with these cards. Ir >

Ready for School: Find That Triangle!

Help Telly find all the triangles on this fun activity page. Ir >

Puddle Jumping Elmo

Splash around on a rainy day with this activity page. Ir >

Mother's Day Coupons

Sesame Street-themed IOU coupons for mom! Ir >

Macaronisaurus Craft Kit

Build a roaring Macaronisaurus with this craft. Ir >

Greatest Grandparents

Color something special for your grandparents. Ir >

Flash Cards in English and Spanish

Learn Spanish words with these colorful flash cards. Ir >

Father's Day Coupons

Sesame Street-themed IOU coupons for dad! Ir >

Fairy Wings Costume

Dress up like Abby with this printable fairy costume! Ir >

Elmo The Musical Paper Doll

Make up your own show with an Elmo paper doll. Ir >

Elmo The Musical Opening Act Costume

Dress Elmo in a tux and top hat and imagine a musical show. Ir >

Elmo's Potty Maze

Help Elmo find the potty in this maze activity. Ir >

Dust Bunny Buddy

Make a Dust Bunny from Abby's Flying Fairy School! Ir >

Cookie Monster Costume

Make your own Cookie Monster headband! Ir >

Bye Bye Pacifier

These printables will help your child put down his pacifier. Ir >

Abby's Flying Fairy School Playset

Build your own Flying Fairy School playset! Ir >

Elmo's World: Feeding Dorothy Coloring Page

Help Elmo feed Dorothy with this fun coloring page. Ir >

Elmo's Garden: Connect the Dots

Connect the dots and color the flowers in the garden. Ir >

Coloring Page: Bert and the Letter B

Color in the Letter B with Bert! Ir >

Blow Your Own Horn

Make a paper towel tube horn with this activity page! Ir >

Bert and Ernie Wizards Playset

Create magical adventures with Bert and Ernie. Ir >

Being Two

Celebrate being two with the Baby Bear activity page. Ir >

Bert and Ernie Pirate Playset

Find treasure with this Bert and Ernie pirate playset. Ir >

Make a Bat-Mobile

Print this out to build a mobile you can go batty for! Ir >

Baby Bear's Family Applesauce Recipe

Make applesauce with Baby Bear! Ir >

Big Bird's Popcorn Pudding Recipe

Make one of Big Bird's favorite treats. Ir >

Seven Dancing Chickens Craft

Give yourself a hand! Ir >

Sock Puppet Craft

What do you do when you have two feet but only one sock? Ir >

Watercolor Butterflies Craft

Why catch a butterfly when you can make one from scratch? Ir >

Flower Bookmark Craft

Have your child create her very own bookmark! Ir >

Letter Book Craft

Help your child personalize their letter learning! Ir >

Big Bird and the Number 6 Coloring Page

Color in the number 6 with Big Bird! Ir >

Bedtime with Elmo

Help Elmo get ready for bed with this activity page. Ir >

Jumping Frog Toy

Color and fold your own fun jumping frog toy!  Ir >

Elmo the Musical: Guacamole Paper Doll

Dress Elmo like a chef explorer and imagine a fun adventure. Ir >

Elmo the Musical: Athlete Paper Doll

Dress Elmo like an athlete and imagine a sports adventure. Ir >

Elmo the Musical: Athlete Math

Can Athlete Elmo wins the long jump competition? Ir >

Elmo the Musical: Airplane Math

Find three bridesmaids for a penguin wedding. Ir >

Abby and the Number 20

Color in the number 20 with Abby! Ir >

Growth Chart

Use this Growth Chart to see how big you're getting. Ir >

Going to the Doctor Get Well Card

Print this fun activity and make a Get Well card for Elmo.  Ir >

Father's Day Frame

Color this frame to give to your dad on Father's Day!  Ir >

Elmo's World: What's Dorothy Thinking About?

Play a fun Elmo's World guessing game! Ir >

Abby's Flying Fairy School Stickers

Add some magic to your life with these printable stickers. Ir >

Abby Cadabby Fun Pack

Have fun with these costumes and recipes from Abby Cadabby. Ir >

Elmo The Musical: What If? Guacamole Coloring Page

Imagine what will happen when Elmos in the kitchen. Ir >

Elmo The Musical: Guacamole Math

Help Chef Explorer Elmo find enough avocados for his dip. Ir >

Elmo The Musical: What If? Detective Coloring Page

Imagine what Detective Elmo is magnifying. Ir >

Elmo The Musical: Detective Math

Help Detective Elmo find the troublesome cube. Ir >

Elmo The Musical: Detective Paper Doll Costume

Dress Elmo like a detective and imagine a curious adventure. Ir >

National Parks Nature Scavenger Hunt

Get outside and find these items in the park. Ir >

National Parks Nature Journal

Record your experiences in the park! Ir >

National Parks Iron on Nature Badge

Make your own iron-on nature badge. Ir >

National Parks Color Your Nature Badge

Color your own nature badge. Ir >

National Parks Coloring Page

Color Elmo and Murray at the park. Ir >

Bedtime Mobile Craft

Help your child look forward to bedtime with this mobile.  Ir >

Elmo The Musical: What If? Sea Captain Coloring Page

Imagine what will happen when Elmo sails the seas. Ir >

Elmo The Musical: Sea Captain Math

Help Sea Captain Elmo spot the Bermuda Octagon. Ir >

Elmo The Musical: Sea Captain Paper Doll Costume

Dress Elmo like a sea captain on a voyage. Ir >

Elmo The Musical: What If? Prince Coloring Page

Imagine what will happen when Prince Elmo arrives. Ir >

Elmo The Musical: Prince Math

Help Prince Elmo find his way to Tottintot. Ir >

Elmo The Musical: Prince Paper Doll Costume

Dress Elmo like a prince and imagine a royal adventure. Ir >

Elmo The Musical: What If? President Coloring Page

Imagine what will happen when Elmo sits in the Oval Office. Ir >

Elmo The Musical: President Math

Help President Elmo order his Sheepret Service agents. Ir >

Elmo The Musical: President Paper Doll Costume

Imagine an adventure in the White House. Ir >

Elmo The Musical: What If? Circus Coloring Page

Imagine what will happen when Elmo tries out for the circus. Ir >

Elmo The Musical: Circus Math

Help Elmo practice his "In Between" act. Ir >

Elmo The Musical: Circus Paper Doll Costume

Dress Elmo like a circus performer. Ir >

Elmo The Musical: What If? Athlete Coloring Page

Imagine what will happen when Elmo competes in a race. Ir >

Elmo The Musical: What If? Airplane Coloring Page

What will happen when Elmo flies the skies? Ir >

Elmo The Musical: Pilot Paper Doll Costume

Dress Elmo like a pilot and imagine a high-flying adventure. Ir >

Valentine's Day Cards

Valentine's Day cards featuring Sesame Street friends. Ir >

Bird Feeder Bonanza Craft

Use recyclable items to create your own bird feeder. Ir >