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Plays: 23

Kids Talk About Self

Kids talk about themselves.
0:32 Runtime
Plays: 783

Rubber Duckie

Ernie sings to his rubber duck in the bath.
2:22 Runtime
Plays: 226

What Is a Friend

Cookie monster sings a song about friendship.
2:29 Runtime
Plays: 19

Monster Clubhouse: Bird Dance

The monster clubhouse meets and plays games.
4:48 Runtime
2:15 Runtime
Plays: 160

The Cookie Game

Prairie and Cookie Monster play a game.
4:31 Runtime
Plays: 44

Monster Clubhouse: Turkey

The monster clubhouse meets and plays games.
4:56 Runtime
Plays: 2117

We're Twins song

Chris and his twin sister sing all about what it is like to be siblings!
1:42 Runtime
Plays: 314

Zoe Says 2

Zoe and Elmo play "Zoe Says."
1:11 Runtime
Plays: 166

Sharing a Bicycle

Cookie Monster and Herry share a bicycle.
1:8 Runtime
Plays: 109

Global Grover: The Netherlands

Grover's friend learns to ride a bike.
3:17 Runtime
Plays: 337

If the Moon Were a Cookie

Cookie Monster sings a ballad.
2:33 Runtime