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Plays: 285

Helping Others

2:48 Runtime
Plays: 398

What Is a Friend

Cookie monster sings a song about friendship.
2:29 Runtime
Plays: 83


Zoe tells Baby Bear the word of the day.
0:53 Runtime
2:16 Runtime
Plays: 870

I Don't Want to Live on the Moon

Ernie sings about places he'd like to visit.
2:38 Runtime
Plays: 33

Elmo's World: Horses

All types of horses
0:31 Runtime
Plays: 2727

Ed Sheeran: I Live in Two Different Worlds

Ed Sheeran sings about behavior at home and in school.
2:37 Runtime
Plays: 311

What Service Dogs Can Do

Gina explains how service dogs help people.
2:19 Runtime
Plays: 50

Elmo's World: Animals

Wild animals are everywhere.
0:31 Runtime
Plays: 34

Kids Talk About Self

Kids talk about themselves.
0:32 Runtime
2:45 Runtime
Plays: 140

Help on the Way

1:16 Runtime