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Plays: 283

What Service Dogs Can Do

Gina explains how service dogs help people.
2:19 Runtime
Plays: 56

Job Song

1:39 Runtime
Plays: 43

Richard Kind: Cover Your Mouth

Richard Kind helps Snuffy when he sneezes.
0:25 Runtime
Plays: 297

What Is a Friend

Cookie monster sings a song about friendship.
2:29 Runtime
Plays: 24

Monster Clubhouse: Hop Stop

The monster clubhouse meets and plays games.
5:55 Runtime
Plays: 291

Super Mega Monsters Share

Encourage kids to share
5:12 Runtime
Plays: 2765

Adam Sandler: Song about Elmo

Adam Sandler sings a song about Elmo.
2:54 Runtime
Help your child make up silly words that rhyme with her name. For example, you might rhyme Carly with Darley or Starley! How many silly rhyming words can you come up with?
Plays: 127

Indoor Activities

Try exercising indoors when it is raining out.
0:30 Runtime
Plays: 111

Murray, Daniella, and Pets

Murray and Daniella talk about pets.
1:17 Runtime
Plays: 33

Wild Animals at the Zoo

All types of wild animals
1:46 Runtime
Plays: 141


Grover shows different ways to get to school.
3:53 Runtime
2:15 Runtime