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Emotional Development

Helping children learn to identify and manage their feelings is an important part of their emotional development. Children learn to label, understand, and manage their feelings by learning strategies such as taking deep breaths to calm down and resisting impulsive behavior like taking a sibling’s toy without asking.

Plays: 8

Song: Proud

How do you express pride?
1:35 Runtime
2:16 Runtime
1:51 Runtime
Plays: 87

Help on the Way

1:16 Runtime
Plays: 50

Different Faces

Kids show different facial emotions.
1:30 Runtime
Plays: 366

You Tickle Me

A song about how happy your friends make you
1:36 Runtime
Plays: 1104

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

The Guy Smiley singers and Cookie Monster sing about waiting.
4:23 Runtime
Five minutes can feel like a long time to a child! Help your child think of special strategies to make waiting fun, such as playing "I Spy," counting people in line, or making up a story.
Plays: 537

I Love My Hair

A song about loving your hair.
1:55 Runtime
Plays: 328

Bird Family Song

A bird talks about his two homes.
2:30 Runtime
Plays: 238

No with Elmo and Oscar

Oscar teaches how to do the "no" dance.
1:39 Runtime
Plays: 895

Don Cheadle - Inflate

Don Cheadle and Elmo show that they're great inflaters.
1:11 Runtime
Inflate a ball! Take the air out of a beach ball, and with your child, talk about what it looks and feels like. Blow air into the ball to inflate it and make new observations about the ball.