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How's The Weather?
  • Grover Weather Monster

    Grover reports the weather as it changes from sunny and hot to cloudy, rainy, snowy, and windy! How is your weather today?

  • Bert and Ernie in the Rain

    Ernie feels happy because rain helps plants grow, but sad and mad because it spoils his outdoor fun. What type of weather makes you happy?

  • Snow Monster Maker

    Lower the temperature to change rain to snow. Then build a snow monster!

  • Rhyme Time Poem

    A man recites a poem as children play on a sunny day, rhyming “moo” with “blue.” What other words rhyme with blue?

  • Kite Festival!

    People fly kites of different shapes, sizes, and colors in the festival. What kind of weather is good for flying a kite?

  • Hace Frío

    On a winter day, Telly learns what “hace frío” means. How do you keep warm when the temperature is cold?

  • Picking Play Clothes

    A girl puts on clothes that will keep her warm and dry in the snow. How do you decide what clothes to wear outside?

Make a Weather Rhyme

Pretend you are weather reporters who love to rhyme! Look at weather together. Is it hot, or not? Is it a sunny, funny day?

Take some time to make a weather report with rhyme!


Look outside and observe your weather. Is the temperature hot, warm, cool, or cold? Is the sky cloudy or clear? Is it windy, raining, or snowing?

Think of words that describe the weather you observe.

Time to Rhyme!

Pick one of your weather words. Then think of a rhyme using your word and chant it out loud. Rhymes are words that have the same ending sounds, like rain and train, or gray and play.

Like this: Lots of rain, let’s take the train!
Or this: Clouds are gray, I can’t go out and play.


Draw a picture of your weather rhyme to make a weather report. Together, write the rhyming words on your weather report. Use early writing, grown-up writing, or both!

Share at School

You made a weather rhyme. Isn’t that fine! Sharing it at school would be so cool!


When children talk about the weather, they develop their observation skills, their knowledge of earth science, their self-care skills, and their vocabulary. They also learn about an everyday topic of conversation!

Take a look at the learning inside How’s the Weather?


Because weather changes frequently, you can make new observations every day!

• Look at a weather report and decide what clothes to wear.
• Talk with far-away friends and family to compare weather.
• Use new weather words like foggy, hazy, gusty, drizzle, blizzard, and sleet.
• Talk about your favorite sunny-day and rainy-day activities.

Rhyming Words

Words that rhyme end in the same sounds (e.g., hat, cat, pat). They help children notice the sounds in spoken language, an important early literacy skill.

• Notice the rhythm of rhymes in familiar songs, chants, and books.
• Rhyme all the time. Even nonsense words count!
• Say pairs of words and ask your child to thumbs-up the ones that rhyme.

Videos & Games

Use the Sesame media collection and conversation starters to learn about observing and preparing for the weather.

Grover Weather Monster – Reporting the weather
Rhyme Time – Rhyming on a sunny day
Bert and Ernie in the Rain - How weather makes us feel
Picking Clothes to Wear – Choosing appropriate clothes for the weather

Make a Weather Rhyme

This activity reinforces school learning at home:

• Types of weather
• Types of weather
• Making observations

Share your weather report to connect the learning back to school!


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