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Caring for Each Other

Your friends on Sesame Street are here to support you during the COVID-19 health crisis. We know that these are very stressful times; daily lives have been disrupted, and families everywhere are trying to create a new sense of normalcy. Children thrive with structure in their lives and they learn best through play--even in everyday moments like mealtimes and morning and evening routines. So our site is filled with content you can use all day long to spark playful learning, offer children comfort, and focus a bit on yourself, too. After all, it's important that we take care of ourselves, so that we can best care for our families.
Our resources aren’t prescriptions you have to follow—just ideas to help your family find ways to breathe, laugh, and play together. We'll be adding more in days and weeks to come, including new messages featuring your furry friends from Sesame Street—stay tuned and sign up for our newsletter for more! #CaringForEachOther
And visit Sesame Street in Communities, where we just added relevant new videos, printables and learning-at-home resources for your family! Visite Sesame Street en las Comunidades para recursos en español.

Now Playing: Parent Message: Moment for Yourself
  • Parent Message: Moment for Yourself
  • Elmo's Sing Along: Happy and You Know It
  • Cookie Monster Snack Chat: Cookie
  • Washy Wash
  • Time To Wash Your Hands!
  • Caring for Myself, Caring for Others
  • Sneezing & Coughing Safely
  • Abby's Message: Self Hug
  • Abby's Freeze Dance
  • Elmo's Morning Routine
  • Elmo's Virtual Hug
  • Give Yourself a Hug
  • R is for Routine
  • B is for Bath
  • Song: Big Feelings

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These are stressful days for families everywhere, and with 50 years’ experience in early childhood education and in helping children and their caregivers face challenging times, Sesame Workshop is here to help. Each week, as we roll out new content, a Sesame Workshop early childhood development expert will contribute a column here with strategies to help families find ways to breathe, laugh, and play together. We have also selected a few Sesame Street and Esme and Roy stories for you to take a break and enjoy with your child. In the columns below, we provide easy ways to extend the learning from each episode. We hope they provide not only comforting and joyful snuggle time, but that they inspire lots of playful learning moments.

Week 1: Create Playful Learning Moments with Your Child from Morning ’til Night 


Week 2: Managing Emotions, Routines, and Exercise Through Play


Week 3: Drawing, Cooking, and Moving Together

About This Project

In response to the unprecedented uncertainty facing young children and families, Sesame Workshop's Caring for Each Other initiative marks the beginning of a commitment to support families throughout the COVID-19 health crisis with a broad variety of free resources.