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Sesame Street Road Trip FAQs

Do I need a ticket?
Yes, tickets are required for everyone attending, including infants and small children. We can ONLY accommodate people holding tickets with a specific time slot. If you do not have a ticket with an assigned time slot, you will not be permitted to enter.
Do children and infants need a ticket?
Yes, tickets are required for everyone attending, including infants and small children. If they do not have a ticket, they will be unable to attend.
Are tickets still available?
Unfortunately, tickets are no longer available. Due to the extraordinary response to this event, we’ve had to limit the number of attendees in order to ensure a safe environment for all guests.
Do I need to attend during my specific time slot?
Yes, you must attend during the specific time slot on your ticket. 
What is the ticket price?
This is a FREE event.  
Why are tickets limited?
We limited the number of tickets to ensure the best possible guest experience for a fun, memorable, and safe event.
How early should we arrive?
You should arrive 30 minutes before your ticketed time slot. It is not recommended that you arrive much earlier than 30 minutes prior as you will not be let in before your time slot.
How long is the experience?
Approximately 40-45 minutes
Is there water available?
Is there a first aid station?
Are there restrooms?
Should I bring anything besides my ticket?
Please be sure to bring anything you need for being outside for a long period of time. This includes water (in a clear plastic container), sunscreen, snacks, and any medication you typically carry. 
You also should bring a blanket or a towel if you do not want to sit on the grass during the show. Chairs are not permitted.
Cameras and liquids in clear plastic containers are permitted. There will also be a designated stroller parking area.
What happens if the weather is bad?
We will be there rain or shine, only closing for extreme weather.
What if my child gets lost?
Lost children will be escorted to the stage, where they can be reunited with their parents.
Is there smoking permitted in the space?
Which items are NOT permitted?
·        Duffel Bags/Suitcases/Backpacks
·        Tobacco, alcohol, and illegal substances
·        Knives of any size
·        Aerosols of any kind
·        Fireworks/Firecrackers
·        Animals (except guide dogs)
·        Real or Simulated Weapons/Ammunition
·        Mace
·        Beach Chairs
Can I leave the space and re-enter ?
No. Once a guest leaves the space, he/she will not be permitted to re-enter.
Where are the exits?
There is an exit in the Stage Show area as well as an alternative exit.
Will Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Big Bird be doing meet and greets?
No. However, Cookie Monster and Elmo will be on stage in Mascot styleBig Bird will make an appearance on a monitor but will not be on stage.
What activities will be at the event?
There will be learning activities, a maze for children, cookie and milk sampling, photo ops, coloring activities, and play shopping experience. In addition to these activities, there will be a short performance on stage.
My child has special needs. Can he/she attend this event?
Yes, all children are welcome at this event. If your child needs a break from all the stimuli during the event, we will have a tent that provides a quieter space within the event.
Are there assigned seats?