Potty Time

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Your child may be ready to use the potty if she can follow simple instructions, undress herself, and give verbal or facial cues that she needs to use the toilet. When your child is ready, use these tips and videos to meet this milestone together.

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Going from Diapers to the Potty

Being ready to use the potty is an exciting yet challenging time in your child's life. There is no set age to learn how to use the toilet, but there are some cues you can look for so you'll know when it's appropriate for her to begin.

Signs your child may be ready for the potty:

  • She can follow simple instructions
  • She can undress herself
  • She can give you verbal or facial cues that she needs to use the toilet

  • Remember that your child must also be emotionally ready, so it's important to be patient and encouraging. If she keeps resisting, give her more time and continue to stay positive and reassuring as you help her through this process.

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