Bye, Bye Pacifier

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Giving up a pacifier can be stressful for you and your child, but fear not, our helpful tips and daily video clips will give you the tools you need to help your child – Put – Down – the – Pacifier!

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Strategies for Weaning Your Child off His Pacifier

  • Encourage your child to trade his pacifier for a lovey or comforting toy, such as his favorite stuffed animal or blanket.

  • Cuddle up and read a story about giving up a pacifier. Talk about what happened in the story and why you might be reading it together. Ask your child to choose her favorite part.

  • Help your child wean off his pacifier by giving it to him less throughout the day. For instance, restrict the pacifier to nap and bedtime when it can help him feel safe and secure.

  • Offer your child simple rewards, such as a sticker or small toy, for not using the binky. Use positive encouragement such as, "I'm proud of you!" or "You are such a big kid now!" to make her feel good about her accomplishment.

  • Talk with your child about how he is a big kid now and explain that big kids don't use pacifiers. Help him put the pacifiers in a box. Decorate the box and give it away as a gift to a younger cousin or sibling who needs the pacifiers more than he does.

  • Help your child label and describe her emotions when experiencing something new, such as giving up her pacifier. Let her know that it's okay to feel upset or sad, but reassure her that she may also feel happy and proud after giving up her pacifier. Tell her it's okay to have all different kinds of feelings when experiencing something new!

  • Have fun creating a sticker chart with your child! Help him place a sticker on the calendar each day he goes without using the pacifier. At the end of the week, count how many stickers there are all together! Reward him with a small toy or book when he reaches a set number of stickers.

  • Encourage your child to leave her pacifier for the binky fairy. Help your child collect all her pacifiers and place them in a bag or box. Talk to your child about how the binky fairy will give the pacifiers to new babies who don't have any.

  • Help your child choose a specific time, such as a holiday or his next birthday, when he will put away his pacifier for good. Countdown to the deadline together. Plan to do something special together to celebrate the occasion!.

  • Make a milestone scrapbook with your child. Talk about all of the things he has accomplished as a big kid, such as getting a first haircut and learning to ride a tricycle. Talk about how he'll get to add another page to the scrapbook when he gives up his pacifier. Encourage him to draw a picture of his favorite pacifier to put in the book. Remind him of how proud you are of his accomplishments!

  • Throw a small celebration when your child gives up her pacifier. Celebrate the important milestone by inviting over friends and family while enjoying special activities and treats.