3- & 4-Year-Olds

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Just like Elmo, three- and four-year-olds are exploring the world around them through observation and imagination. During these special years, get ready to laugh, learn, and imagine the world through your child's eyes.

    • Toddler Basics
    • Healthy Habits
    • ABCs
    • 123s
    • Discovery
    • Family Talk
    • Sharing & Caring
    • Create
    • Special Days

Learning More at Three and Four

Here are some things that your three- or four-year-old might be learning to do. Keep in mind that every child grows and develops at his own pace. If your child can't do something yet, help her practice and praise her for giving it a try!

At 3- or 4-years old, your child may be able to…

● Stand on one foot unsteadily and balance for 2–3 seconds
● Walk backward, run at an even pace, and turn and stop with ease
● Ride a tricycle and pump his legs to swing
● Hold a crayon or pencil with his fingers rather than a fist
● Start to dress and undress himself
● Use her imagination in pretend play
● Tell personal stories and share experiences
● Play cooperatively with others at times
● Want to do things on his own
● Show early signs of empathy, such as trying to comfort others
● Talk about simple emotions
● Identify colors
● Do simple counting
● Invent, create ideas, make up stories
● Ask why and how
● Recite rhymes/songs
● Use full, but simple sentences
● Focus on single characteristics of items (e.g., the apple is red or the apple is round)