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There's so much to do at two! Your child's newfound independence and growing curiosity are helping her learn at every turn. Check out these videos and tips to find out how you can make two terrific for both of you!

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What's New at Two

Here are some things your child may be learning to do at two. Keep in mind that every child grows and develops at his own pace. If your child can't do something yet, encourage him to be patient. Praise him for giving it a try!

At 2-years-old, your child may be able to…

● Balance on each foot for one to two seconds
● Learn through the 5 senses (sight, taste, touch, smell, hearing)
● Jump backwards and sideways
● Do two-hand activities like folding and pasting Catch a large ball
● Make some decisions on his own
● Enjoy one-on-one adult interaction
● Show greater inquisitiveness
● Pretend or "make believe"
● Use the word "mine"
● Express a wider range of emotions
● Understand concepts of shape, color, and size
● Grasp spatial relationships (up, down, over, under, etc.)
● Speak more clearly
● Name familiar objects
● Make words plural
● Answer simple questions

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