YOU CAN ASK: Quick Tips for Parents and Caregivers

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Helping families cope with stress, fear, and natural disasters.

        Quick Tips for Parents and Caregivers


        It's normal to feel anxious, unsettled, or even helpless. Keep in mind that children respond to and learn from your reactions.


        You know your child best and will be able to pick up on slight behavior changes that could indicate stress.


        Encourage your child to ask questions, too. Let her know that it's OK to express her feelings.


        Children want to know that you will care for them and that things will get better. Hugs help!


        Mealtimes, errands, and ordinary moments offer great chances to talk with your child.


        Planning for emergency situations as a family can reassure everyone. (Visit Let's Get Ready for tips.)


        Find more tips and age-by-age ideas in the You Can Ask Parent Guide.


        Friends Care, a magazine about a hurricane on Sesame Street, offers parent information and activities to share with your child.