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In difficult situations, children experience stress and fear, just like adults. It can be hard for children to express their emotions. They may hide their own worries because they don't want to add to a parent's stress. Encourage your child to talk openly with you about the things that are bothering him. Whether your family is facing loss, fear, or upsetting events close to home or in the news, close communication can help you identify signs of stress in your child and help you find ways to cope with difficult times together.

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About This Project

You Can Ask was created in the wake of September 11, 2001 to help children deal with fear, stress, and shock. The project was expanded in partnership with Project Liberty, a special initiative set up through the New York State Office of Mental Health. You Can Ask offers video and print content to parents and caregivers to help them guide their children through stressful situations. To further support families, Sesame Workshop developed Friends Care after Hurricane Katrina. These resources help parents and children cope with natural disasters and other crises together.