Words Are Here, There, and Everywhere

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When children learn new words, it inspires their natural curiosity to explore and discover
more about the world around them. Boosting a child's vocabulary can be as easy as
engaging him or her in fun, simple activities and conversations during everyday moments.
The more children are encouraged to learn new words—especially in areas such as
science, the arts, and math—the stronger their foundation will be for school readiness and future success.

    • Health & Wellness
    • Respect & Understanding
    • Literacy & Numeracy
    • Emotional Well Being
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About This Project

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Sesame Workshop, in partnership with PNC Grow Up Great, developed Words Are Here, There, and Everywhere: a new bilingual multimedia initiative that provides a variety of resources to help develop young children's vocabulary, building on their natural curiosity around science, the arts, and math.