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Developing a love for science and discovery through Big Bird's astronomical adventure with a Chinese friend.

        Quick Tips for Parents and Caregivers


        Together, look at the sky and talk about what you see. Ask your child: What do you see when you look at the sky during the day? What do you see when you look at the sky at night? What do you notice about the sun? The moon? The stars?


        Outside on a sunny day, try blocking the sun's light to create shadows. Your child can move her body and observe how her shadow changes. Make shadow puppets with your hands or stand side-by-side and compare shadows.


        Encourage your child to draw a picture of herself with the sun and her shadow. She could even write or tell a story about her shadow.


        Go stargazing! Together, look for the Big Dipper or other patterns in the stars. How many stars can you count?


        What shapes or patterns can you find when you connect the stars? Do you see a bear? A spaceship? Use your imagination to create stories or songs about the patterns you see.


        Talk about how the moon does not look the same every night. Keep a moon journal: Look out your window each night and have your child draw the moon's shape.


        Before bedtime, look for the moon and talk about what it would be like to go there. How would you get there? What would you wear? What might you see?