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Discover fun new ways to explore numbers, counting, patterns, shapes, and much more with kids. Whether you are working in a classroom or family child-care setting, with one age group or several, you will find tips and activities to make math fun while building children's math skills.

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Fun and Easy Math Moments Everyday

Get into math mode by watching the video. Not only will you get a taste of math the "Sesame" way, but you'll find yourself looking all around for new chances to discover math with children. Below you'll find tips to make sure math is everywhere.

Make math a part of your daily routines
Fun math moments can be connected to any group activity – just look around! Get your groups moving with these math ideas.

Math in Learning and Play Areas
Whether you are in a classroom or family child-care setting, you can support children's learning by providing manipulative tools such as different-shaped objects, crayons, and measuring cups in your learning and play areas.

Math Talk
If you incorporate math vocabulary into your day, you'll be amazed by how much math is all around! Consider these ways to inspire children to hear math anywhere and everywhere.

Home-School Connection
Empower parents and let them know that by exploring math, their child can become a problem solver, thinker, and innovator. When meeting with parents, suggest some of these ideas and activities.

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About This Project

Sesame Street Math Is Everywhere aims to help parents, caregivers, and educators help young children explore and understand math in the everyday world. By focusing on the broad thinking and reasoning skills required to master mathematics, Math Is Everywhere hopes to use math as an early starting point for empowering children's learning across the curriculum for years to come.