HERE FOR YOU: Quick Tips for Parents and Caregivers

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Helping children cope with serious illness.

        Quick Tips for Parents and Caregivers


        Try to plan time for your child and her siblings to discuss their feelings in a supportive, safe environment. You can also ask for help from professional counselors who can talk to your children about their feelings on a level the children will be comfortable with.


        Your child will let you know when he is ready to talk about his feelings and needs.


        Reassure your child that you will always do everything you can to keep her comfortable and safe.


        Let your child know that he is very loved and very special, and reassure him that you will be OK no matter what he tells you.


        Reassure your child that she isn't sick because she did something wrong, and that she isn't being punished.


        Prepare a list of questions to ask your doctor about your child's illness. Talking with your doctor can help you make sure that you fully understand any treatments or tests, and allows you to become an active participant in every aspect of your child's care.