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Helping families cope with serious illness. When a child is facing a serious illness, it's normal for both parents and children to feel afraid. Talking is an important way to help everyone in the family understand and cope with a difficult situation.

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Don't Hold In Your Fears

Children often want to talk openly about illness with their parents, but worry about scaring them. Let your children know that all of their emotions are OK, and that it's best to talk about their feelings instead of holding them inside. Include siblings in these discussions to help them feel supported, too. Together, your family can find strength in one another during challenging times.

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About This Project

Here for You is based on the concept of honest, open talk. It encourages children and adults to ask lots of questions, and looks to establish communication in both directions—adults with children, and children with adults. The project was initiated in consultation with pediatric oncology nurses, social workers, child life specialists, pediatricians, and bereaved parents. Sesame Workshop worked with The Center for Advanced Illness Coordinated Care (CAICC) to produce an original DVD. The Here for You bilingual outreach project was unveiled in May 2008 at the 32nd Annual Conference of the Association of Pediatric Oncology Social Workers.