The Adventures of Grover and Khokha
  • What are some of the different ways children in the video go to school?
  • What is the Arabic word for "transportation"? (Practice it together!)
  • How do you go to places, such as to school, the park, or the store?

about this projectPeople all over the world travel from one place to another using transportation, or muwasalaat. Watch the videos from Egypt and Jordan to see the types of muwasalaat children use to go to school. Later, continue exploring transportation around the globe with your children to help them discover that muwasalaat is something we all need.


Transportation | Muwasalaat
[pronounced muh-wah-sah-lat]
means "transportation" in Arabic.



Say It!

Say this chant together. Act out the words in bold.

Muwasalaat, Muwasalaat,
So many ways to go!
Muwasalaat, Muwasalaat,
We can drive or fly or row.

Muwasalaat, Muwasalaat,
By train or bike or car.
Muwasalaat, Muwasalaat,
We travel near and far!



Explore Together!

Materials: Different size blocks

Activity: Using their imaginations, children will act out different types of transportation.

  1. Talk about transportation by saying, "Everybody needs a way to get around, whether by car, train, bike, or feet (walking)! The things that take us from place to place are called transportation. What is your favorite way to get around?"
  2. Invite each child to pick a block from the pile.
  3. Ask children to imagine that the block they chose is their favorite type of transportation. Ask, "What does it look like? Does it have wings, wheels? Does it go in the sky, on water, or on the street?"
  4. Have children imitate the movements and sounds of a train, boat, plane, car, or other types of transportation they are imagining. They can "zoom!" in a car or "choo-choo" on a train as they play and pretend with the transportation they created.


Grover and Khokha

The Wonderful World of Words!

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