• Who did we meet in the video?
  • Where do they live?
  • What different foods where they gathering?
  • Where did they get their food?

about this project Children near and far need food, or ta'am, to have energy to play, learn, and grow. As you watch friends from Egypt, Yemen, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia, you will discover that food can come from many different places and that people around the world like all kinds of different things. After you watch the videos, help children explore their own tastes and preferences and encourage them to appreciate these differences.


Food | Ta'am
[pronounced ta-am]
means "food" in Arabic.



Say It!

Say this chant together with your children as you pretend to make and eat delicious ta'am (or food).

Let's all make some yummy ta'am!
Pour in some couscous...We're making ta'am!
Slice some zucchini...We're making ta'am!
Chop some squash...We're making ta'am!
Sprinkle in salt...We're making ta'am!
Mix it together...We're making ta'am!
Wait 'til it's cooked...We're making ta'am!
Eat it all up...We made ta'am!



Explore Together!


  • Construction paper (cut into quarters, for small book pages)
  • Crayons or markers
  • Hole punch and yarn or staples, to bind the books together


Activity: Let's explore our favorite food by making a book to share with our friends.

  1. Invite children to name their favorite foods. As a class, choose a popular food to focus on. (Tip: A good food for this activity will be something that is grown, or has few ingredients, such as strawberries or cheese.)
  2. Tell children, "Today we get to make a book about one of our group's favorite foods. We can share it with our friends, just like the children in the videos shared their food with friends and family."
  3. Pass out four small pieces of construction paper to each child to use as book pages.
  4. Guide children through making the book:
    • On the cover page, draw a picture to show what the food looks like.
    • On the second page, draw where the food comes from.
    • On the third page, draw how you can eat the food (with your hands, with a fork or chopsticks…).
    • On the last page, show you and your friends sharing the food!
  5. Help the children put their new books together.
  6. Have children share the books one another, and encourage them to show their friends and family!

The Wonderful World of Words!

Take it further by incorporating these additional Arabic vocabulary words into your exploration of food…

thank you

ice cream