• What kinds of things did you see the children doing with their families?
  • What is something you enjoy doing with your family?
  • Some of the children were helping their families. How did you help your family?


about this projectFamilies all around the world have one thing in common: They love and care for one another! The word for "family" in Arabic is a'ela. Join Grover and Khokha in Egypt, Palestine, and Saudi Arabia as they explore the fun things families do together. Later, practice the word a'ela and celebrate all the things families in your program do to show how much they care.


Family | A'ela
[pronounced ah-ee-lah]
means "family" in Arabic.



Say It!

Say this chant together. Act out the words in bold.

A'ela, a'ela,
A new word for family.

A'ela, a'ela,
Sisters and brothers and me.

A'ela, a'ela,
How do we show we care?
A'ela, a'ela,
We can hug and help and share!


Explore Together!


  • Paper plates or plain white paper
  • Crayons or markers
  • Optional: Hole punch and yarn


Activity: This activity will help children name and describe members of their families and create a picture of their family doing a favorite activity together.

  1. Talk about family by saying, "Families love and care for each other. Who are some of the people in your family?"
  2. Lift up one hand with fingers spread apart and palm facing the children. Tell children, "I'm imagining that each finger is someone in my family. This is my mommy, this is my sister, this is my grandmother, and this is me. I love my family!" Wiggle each finger as you name a family member.
  3. Encourage children to lift up their fingers and use their imagination to pretend that each finger is a family member. As they wiggle their fingers, encourage them to name the people in their family and share the names with a friend.
  4. Follow up with questions such as, "What's your favorite thing to do with your family? What foods do you eat with your family? How do you help your family? How does your family help you?"
  5. Show children a sample of a picture you created of your own family. Point to and label each person, and tell children what activity your family is doing in the picture. Let children know that they're going to have a chance to create their own family pictures! Pass out paper plates (or plain white paper) for children to draw a picture of their families. Optional: Punch holes on the sides of the plate, put yarn through, and tie a knot (for children to hang the picture on a wall).
Grover and Khokha

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