• What were the children learning in the video?
  • What is the word for "dance" in Arabic?
  • What dances do you like to do?

about this projectPeople all over the world dance to express themselves and have fun. Watch the video from Kuwait and learn about a special dance, or raqsa. Later, continue exploring raqsa with your children by creating new dance moves. Help children discover that we all love a fun raqsa!


Dance | Raqsa
[pronounced raq-sa]
means "dance" in Arabic.



Say It!

Say this chant together. Act out the words in bold.

Raqsa, raqsa…I love to dance!
I can jump high!
I can duck low!

Raqsa, raqsa…I love to dance!
I can sway fast!
I can sway slooow!

Raqsa, raqsa…I love to dance!
I can freeze quick
Or go, go, go!


Explore Together!


  • Thin scarves or strips of ribbon
  • Various types of music with different tempos and sounds


Activity: Invite children to explore a variety of fun movements and dances while listening to music.

  • Talk about dancing by saying, "Dancing is when you move your body in different ways. You can sway, hop, leap, skip, or twirl! Dancing is so much fun, especially when you dance to music!" Ask children to remember the kinds of dance moves they saw in the video.
  • Hand out scarves (or ribbon strips) and let children know that they'll be waving them around as they dance!
  • Play music. Demonstrate how to be the "dance leader" by moving the scarf around and asking children to move their scarves in the same way.
  • Invite children to take turns being the dance leader while the other children follow the dance leader's moves. Encourage children to make up a unique dance move each time and to use movement words like spin, twirl, jump, sway, or step to describe their dances.
  • Switch the music as children take turns so they dance to different rhythms and sounds. After each child has been the leader, it's time to have a "Dance Party"! Allow children to dance freely to the music and make up their own moves.
Grover and Khokha

The Wonderful World of Words!

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