• Who did we meet in the video?
  • What kinds of clothes did the children wear?
  • Do you have any special clothes that you like to wear?

about this projectWe all wear clothes to protect our bodies from the sun or the cold. Sometimes we wear special clothes for school or for celebrations. You will see children around the world and the different kinds of clothes they wear. In the video from Palestine, Aya's new fustan, or dress, is very special and is hand-made by her grandmother. In the video from Jordan, you will see the uniforms some children wear to school. Explore the different kinds of clothing worn in different places and discover the many ways we all wear clothes.


Dress | Fustan
[pronounced foos-tahn]
means "dress" in Arabic.



Say It!

Say this chant together, pretending to put on the clothes.

My friend wears a fustan.
Her fustan is red and white.
Her fustan goes with a scarf. (pretend to put on a scarf)
And she ties a sash on tight. (pretend to tie on a sash)
What are you wearing?


Explore Together!


  • Crayons or markers
  • Scissors
  • 1" x 3" pieces of construction paper, taped into finger-sized rings (3 per child)
  • Tape
  • Optional: glitter, fabric pieces, and other items for children to decorate the puppets' clothes.


Activity: Make finger puppets to explore the many types of clothes children wear!

  1. Let children know that today we will make finger puppets with different kinds of clothes. Invite children to make one drawing on each piece of paper of themselves wearing clothes for…
    • when they goto school,
    • when it is cold outside,
    • when they go to a special party or celebration.
  2. Then, help children tape the back of each drawing to a construction-paper ring that they can put on their fingers. Children can now wear their puppets on their own fingers and use them to talk to each other about what each puppet is wearing.
  3. Ask children, "How are our finger puppets the same? How are they different?"
Grover and Khokha

The Wonderful World of Words!

Take it further by incorporating these additional Arabic vocabulary words into your exploration of clothing…