The Adventures of Grover and Khokha
Grover and Khokha
Join Grover and Khokha's explorations in the Arab World! The Adventures of Grover and Khokha, developed by Sesame Workshop with the generous support of the Mosaic Foundation, helps children learn about the many ways we are the same while also appreciating the differences that make us unique. Click on the links below to explore common themes and experiences we all share - and also try a few Arabic words!

about this project The Adventures of Grover and Khokha offers young children in the United States (and the adults in their lives) an awareness and understanding of the diverse richness of Arab cultures, heritage, and traditions along with enriching cross-cultural understanding across these communities.

  • Family

    There are many things families do to have fun together.

  • Food

    Children near and far need food to play, learn, and grow.

  • Places

    From the market to school, everyone has places to go!

  • Clothes

    There are so many ways we all wear clothes.

  • Dance

    We all love to dance and express ourselves.