GLOBAL GROVER: Quick Tips for Parents and Caregivers

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Encouraging preschoolers to understand and appreciate new people, places, and ideas.

        Quick Tips for Parents and Caregivers


        Tune in to some world music together. What new languages and sounds do you hear?


        Explore art from other countries. Notice different shapes, colors, and textures, and try using them in your own works of art.


        Help your child learn about and appreciate family. Talk about a family tradition. How are your traditions similar to or different from others'?


        Get to know your roots: Look through photo albums with your child and share stories about your relatives. Draw a family tree together to take the learning further.


        Prepare a favorite family recipe together. As your child helps you mix and measure, share the story of the dish.


        Encourage your child to draw a picture of your home. Talk about how homes in other countries might be different from yours. Visit the library or look online to find pictures of homes around the world, from houseboats in India to stilt houses in South America.


        Play grocery store detective: Together, read the labels on fruits, vegetables, or other items to find out where they come from. Then find those places on a map.


        When your child takes a trip, encourage him to make a postcard showing something special about his visit, such as a food he ate or a game he played.