Season 37

Original Air Date:
September 26, 2006

Brought to you By:
R and 8

Educational Goal:
Cognitive Reasoning

Episode Summary

After hearing the story of Rapunzel, Zoe wishes to have long hair just like her. Zoe's Hairy Godperson appears and grants her wish. Elmo compares a picture of Rapunzel with Zoe and shows that Zoe's hair is long, but not as long as Rapunzel's. Zoe makes another wish and her hair becomes longer than it was, but Rapunzel's hair is still the longest. Her third wish is to have longer hair than Rapunzel's, which would make her hair the longest. Her wish is granted again, but now Zoe can't move and play because her hair is too long. Chaos erupts as the Prince from the story of Rapunzel tries to climb up Zoe's hair, all while her hair is holding up traffic and a police officer is trying to give her a ticket. Zoe really wants her old hair back. Her final wish is granted and her hair is back just the way it was and now she can move again. Elmo likes her just like this and so does Zoe.