Word on the Street

What do nibble, remember, and champion have in common? They're all Words on the Street! Hosted by Murray, Word on the Street segments are a fun way to foster language skills through new vocabulary.

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Words Everywhere

What's furry, bright orange, and full of new words? Why, it's Murray the monster! As the star of the Word on the Street segment, Murray introduces kids to a new vocabulary word at the beginning of each episode.

Words are powerful and they're everywhere, including Sesame Street. Once Murray announces the word of the day, he acts as a roving reporter, talking with people on the street about what the word means. With boundless energy and his trademark enormous grin, he invites kids to "keep listening for the word today on Sesame Street." Then the word is reinforced in the episode, and later in the show by a celebrity. You can help expand and enrich your child's vocabulary and build a lifelong love of words by making up songs, asking questions, reading stories, inventing your own stories, and acting out new words.