Season 40

Original Air Date:
November 13, 2009

Brought to you By:
D and 5

Educational Goal:

Word on the street: Nature
Plants, animals, and other things outside that are not made by people.

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Episode Summary

It's Wild Nature Survivor Guy! Accustomed to living in the wild, he thinks he needs to "survive" out on Sesame Street. Elmo and Rosita are confused. Wild Nature Survivor Guy isn't in nature—he's on Sesame Street!

But soon he eats a tomato right off a plant (tomatoes come from nature, and so do all the fruits and vegetables at Hooper's store). He finds leaves with drops of water to quench his thirst. Then, to stay warm, he picks up feathers and puts them inside his shirt. (Elmo offers him a coat, but Wild Nature Survivor Guy explains that feathers are what make most coats warm.)

As nighttime approaches, Wild Nature Survivor Guy finds shelter in Big Bird's nest. It's made of branches; lots of animals use trees and branches as shelter. Even houses are made of wood. Nature really is all around you!

Also in This Episode

Special Guest Stars: Jimmy Fallon plays Wild Nature Survival Guy, Debra Messing identifies the various parts of nature, and Ziggly Marley sings "Set Your Piggies Free." Plus, a parody of the iPod commercials. In Abby's Flying Fairy School, the class puts on a dance recital, and in Murray Has a Little Lamb, Murray and Ovejita go to karate school. Finally, Elmo's World is all about helping.