Season 42

Original Air Date:
October 1, 2010

Brought to you By:
H and 13

Educational Goal:

Word on the street: Pasta
Dough made from water, flour and sometimes eggs which is made into different types such as spaghetti, penne, etc.

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Episode Summary

It's Elmo's bedtime on Sesame Street, and Elmo's having a fun sleepover at Luis and Maria's. Good night Elmo! But wait…what's that scratchy noise Elmo hears? It's an insect behind a couch cushion, that's what.

Luis uses the computer to help identify the insect. It has wings, antennae, jumping legs in the back, and it can hop: it's a grasshopper! Elmo is tempted to keep it, but Luis explains it would be happier in the grass and trees. As they try to catch it, Big Bird comes by and scares the wits out of the poor green visitor. Big Bird tries to explain that he only likes to eat birdseed, but the grasshopper hides under the couch. Even Super Grover can't get him to come out!

Finally, Elmo suggests the grasshopper might like to hop outside by himself. Voila! Elmo leads him to the garden, singing and hopping all the way. The insect is happy, and Elmo can finally get some Z's.

Also in This Episode

Special Guest Stars: Kara DioGuardi and Chef Elmo show the various kinds of pasta, and Jennifer Barnhart sings "You'll Find Bugs Everywhere." Plus, a parody of RSI: Rhyme Scene Investigation. In Abby's Flying Fairy School, a macaroni dinosaur comes to life, and in Super Grover 2.0, Grover uses his powers of observation. Finally, Elmo's World is all about ears.