Season 39

Original Air Date:
December 13, 2010

Brought to you By:
I and 3

Educational Goal:
Emotional Development

Word on the street: Cheer
Words of encouragement or congratulations.

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Episode Summary

While Elmo is trying to bounce his ball three times in a row, Zoe comes along with her pompoms and does a cheer for Elmo. Then Elmo tries to bounce his ball three times in a row again—and he does it! All he needed was a cheerleader. Elmo asks if he can be a Sesame Street Cheerleader too, and they set of in search of someone to cheer for.

They come upon Telly, who is trying to boing on his pogo-stick three times with a triangle on his head. Elmo and Zoe think of a cheer for Telly—and he does it! The cheerleading made all the difference. Telly tries out for the Sesame Street Cheerleaders, too, and they all set off to find more friends they can cheer for.

They find Alan, Gordon, Maria and a chicken, but they don't need cheerleaders. Instead of giving up, the cheerleaders think of a great idea—cheer for themselves! Just as they finish, some sheep and penguins come along and ask the Sesame Street Cheerleaders if they would like to cheer for their football game. Instead of choosing one team to cheer for, Zoe, Elmo and Telly decide to cheer for everybody!