Season 37

Original Air Date:
September 27, 2006

Brought to you By:
 E and 18

Educational Goal:

Episode Summary

It's time to play the "What Comes Next Game" with Mr. Pattern! This is the game where you have to guess what comes next in a pattern before the mouse rings the bell. Elmo is first given the pattern of an apple, banana, apple, banana, apple. In order to guess what's next, he talks about the pattern and figures out that the next fruit should be a banana. Now both Big Bird and Elmo are going to play the game and the pattern is with all of the four seasons. Big Bird and Elmo describe what happens in each season to help them figure it out and they get it right! Now it's on to the next pattern except this time Elmo is the announcer, Telly's the bell and the viewers at home get to figure out the pattern. Elmo has some kids stand in a line as one twists, one hops, one twists, and one hops. The next action in the pattern is… twisting! Balloons and confetti begin to fall and Elmo thanks everyone for playing the "What Comes Next Game!"