Season 40

Original Air Date:
December 4, 2009

Brought to you By:
O and 12

Educational Goal:

Word on the street: Metamorphosis
 When something goes through a really big change, like when a caterpillar changes into a butterfly.

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Episode Summary

It's a rainbow! Elmo rushes to show Rosita, but it's disappeared by the time she arrives. Is there anything Elmo can do to bring the rainbow back so Rosita can see it?

Elmo has an idea—a rainbow of monsters. He gathers monsters of all different colors and somehow gets them to line up in "Roy G. Biv" order (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). Then Abby recites a rhyme to grant Rosita's wish to see a real rainbow. But instead of making a rainbow, Abby has made raincoats appear on Elmo and Rosita! Abby tries again, this time making a rainstorm instead of a rainbow. Oops.

Finally, Gordon makes an indoor rainbow using a flashlight, a glass of water, and white paper. Later, as Elmo and Rosita play outside again, Rosita looks up and sees something very special…a real rainbow.

Watch your child marvel in the everyday magic of rainbows!

Also in This Episode

Special Guest Stars: Jake Gyllenhaal separates an octopus from his head, and Adam Sandler makes up a "Song About Elmo." Plus, a parody of Desperate Housewives is called Desperate Houseplants: Stinky the Stinkweed! In Abby's Flying Fairy School, the class has an enchanted session of show and tell, and in Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures, the pals become farmers. Finally, Elmo's World is all about water.