Original Air Date:
February 7, 2014

Brought to you By:
O & 20

Educational Goal:

Word on the street: Confidence
To believe in yourself.

Episode Summary

Telly really wants to win the Pogo Games, but he's worried he isn't good enough. Just then, Coach Pogolyi, who calls himself the best pogo stick coach in the world, tells Telly he will never win without his help.

Telly agrees to be coached by Coach Pogolyi, but the Coach's advice doesn't seem to help him. In the first event, Telly falls off his pogo stick, which he's never done before. Now Coach Pogolyi doesn't believe that Telly can win, but Telly's friends do!

Telly is about to quit, but Baby Bear and Gina encourage him to believe in himself and bounce the way he knows how. Telly decides to get back on his pogo stick and give it another try. Can Telly still win the Pogo Games, or was Coach Pogolyi right? Tune in to find out!