Season 36

Original Air Date:
April 6, 2005

Brought to you By:
G and 6

Educational Goal:

Episode Summary

It's time to play "The Healthy Foods Name Game!" with Mr. Healthy Food as the game show host! Elmo has to find four healthy foods of various colors on Sesame Street before the mouse climbs to the top of the refrigerator. First, Elmo sets off to find a healthy food that is red and sees Luis who is cooking fajitas with red peppers, which are healthy and taste great! Zoe and Elmo find a white healthy food together. Old MacDonald and Gladys the Cow suddenly appear and give them a fresh glass of milk filled with Vitamin D! Gladys wants to play! They all head over to the vegetable garden together in search of a green healthy food. They find lettuce, a healthy and crunchy part of any meal! Finally, just as they are looking for a purple food to win the game, they see Snuffy who is pushing a giant purple eggplant home for his Mom to make some Eggplant Parmalupagus! Now that Elmo and his friends have found all four healthy foods, they receive their big, healthy prize. They get to eat all the delicious and colorful foods that they've found!