Season 39

Original Air Date:
January 3, 2011

Brought to you By:
A and 7

Educational Goal:
Social Development

Word on the street: Scrumptious
When something tastes, smells, and/or looks delicious and yummy.

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Episode Summary

Chris gives Cookie Monster the last cookie in Hooper's store and tells him there will be more tomorrow. Cookie Monster wishes he never had to wait for a cookie again! Just then his Fairy Cookie Person appears and gives him "The Cookie Touch"—everything he touches will turn into a cookie.

Cookie Monster starts touching and eating everything in sight. And he wants to share his happiness—cookies for everyone! He turns Telly's favorite triangle and Big Bird's book into cookies. It's time for lunch, but when he touches his tuna sandwich, it turns into a cookie. He realizes that he'll never be able to eat anything but cookies again!

And Telly and Big Bird are very upset. They want their favorite things back—Cookie Monster has made his friends sad and angry. When he looks to Chris for advice, he accidentally turns him into a cookie, too. The Cookie Touch is a disaster! Luckily, his Fairy Cookie Person comes back to undo the spell. All Cookie Monster's friends are happy again, and Cookie Monster runs home to eat his mommy's lasagna.