Season 36

Original Air Date:
September 7, 2005

Brought to you By:
Z and 14

Educational Goal:
Social Development

Episode Summary

The Big Bad Wolf feels so exhausted from having to chase pigs and dress up like a Grandma all the time that he decides to take a vacation. In the meantime, Zoe, Elmo, and Telly audition to be the temporary wolf. The three of them have to first, blow down a straw house, then chase pigs, and lastly, pretend to be Grandma. All three of them creatively think of different strategies to pass the test. They all then begin arguing over who could best play the role of the Big Bad Wolf. Gordon talks to them and helps them to realize that it's more important to stay friends than to be the wolf. When it's time for the Big Bad Wolf to decide, he gives the role to Gordon since he did such a great job showing Telly, Zoe, and Elmo how to do everything that a Big Bad Wolf should do!