Super Grover 2.0

Superheroes stand aside. There's a Supermonster in town and he's armed with the power of investigation! With Super Grover 2.0 segments, your child will learn how to use math and science to save the day.

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Unleash The Power Of Investigation

He's blue, he's furry, he soars through the air—he's Super Grover 2.0! In this segment, our spunky hero observes, questions, and investigates—and inspires your child to do the same. The focus this season is math and science learning, so Super Grover 2.0 zooms in with some fabulous advice: Use all your senses to explore the world around you, and ask questions and experiment to find the answers.

With his signature combination of bravado and humility, the lovable Grover takes your child on an age-appropriate journey through the scientific process (with plenty of breaks for silliness along the way). Whether he's helping penguins move a block of ice, or figuring out how to balance a boat containing a lamb and an elephant, our super-blue superhero travels the world using reasoning and problem-solving skills to save the day.

You can encourage your child to unleash her power of investigation just like Super Grover. Turn everyday moments into learning opportunities by asking questions such as "Why do you think the ice cream is melting faster than usual today?" "What do you think will happen if you add another tall block to your tower?" "I wonder if there's a difference between pouring bubble bath into still water versus water as it flows from the faucet?" Watch your child's critical thinking skills soar—way up to the sky!