Season 42

Original Air Date:
November 1, 2010

Brought to you By:
K and 10

Educational Goal:

Word on the street: Allergic
When you're really sensitive to something and it makes you itch or sneeze.

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Episode Summary

Big Bird takes a dust bath to get his feathers clean and fluffy for his playdate with Snuffy, but when he gets close to him, Snuffy gets a tickle in his snuffle and can't stop sneezing. They go to Hooper's Store, but Snuffy's sneezing there, too! He sneezes at the laundromat, also. Gina helps Snuffy realize that he might be allergic, or really sensitive to something. What is making Snuffy sneeze? Hey, he wasn't sneezing until Big Bird came along! Gina designs an experiment by putting Snuffy and Big Bird far away from, and then near to, each other. It's the dust from Big Bird's dust bath! Snuffy sneezes so hard that all of the dust blows off his best friend, and Big Bird and Snuffy can be close again…just like always.