Season 37

Original Air Date:
September 14, 2006

Brought to you By:
N and 6

Educational Goal:
Emotional Development

Episode Summary

Slimey wants to be a hero just like Trash Gordon! Rosita and Elmo are surprised because heroes are supposed to be big and strong. Oscar explains that Slimey is strong and just the right size. Slimey is still unsure if he can do it, but Oscar reassures him that he can do everything that any other hero can do. His first mission is to save the letter of the day. He uses his little body to finish the rest of the letter "N". Next he helps Miles and Gabi, who are missing a checker piece. Slimey curls into a circle and "becomes" the missing piece. He saves the game. Finally, Elmo forgets his bowl of ice cream inside Hooper's Store and the door is locked. Miles can't unlock the door because he dropped the key inside. The only one small enough to crawl through the keyhole is Slimey, the Hero. He successfully gets the key and saves the day once again. Everyone is so grateful and proud. Three cheers for Slimey!