Original Air Date:
September 30, 2011

Brought to you By:
Q and 18

Educational Goal:

Word on the street: Transform
To change something into something else.

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Episode Summary

Telly, Elmo, and Rosita are playing Shape-O-Bots, robots that transform into shapes to help people.

Andy, a guy in need of help, wants a stop sign to keep people from crashing into him. Telly tries to turn into an octagon, but changes into a triangle instead. Rosita's successful, though, and soon Andy's back, this time in need of a pentagon: he's a baseball coach and needs a home plate. Once again, Telly changes into a triangle, but Elmo's on the job and delivers.

Now Andy needs a rhombus for the King of Rhombuses, who is missing his. Telly is once again all triangles, all the time, but Rosita notices that a rhombus is actually two triangles stuck together. Since Telly hit his Shape-o-Bot button one time to become a triangle, will hitting it two times turn him into a rhombus? Yes—hooray for the Shape-o-Bots!

Also in This Episode

Special Guest Stars: Johnny Galecki explains transform, plus Andy Samberg appears. In Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures there's a frog race, and in Abby's Flying Fairy School, the pals have magical fun with clean and dirty. Murray experiments with bridges, and Elmo's World is all about cameras.