Original Air Date:
February 4, 2013

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V and 12

Educational Goal:

Word on the street: Paleontologist
A scientist who studies things that lived a long, long time ago, such as dinosaurs.

Episode Summary

Grover, Elmo, and Rosita are imaging that they are Paleontologists. They set out to find fossils that existed a long time ago. The first thing they find is a metal soup ladle, then two clothespins, and many other things that they believe to be fossils. Chris tells them that these things aren't necessarily fossils.

Grover is sad that they weren't able to find any fossils and is worried that they won't be able to build a dinosaur with the objects that they found. Chris suggests that they use what they found to build a dinosaur model even though the objects aren't fossils.

First, they have to think about what they can do with the objects and plan how they are going to use them. Elmo finds something to make a head, Rosita finds and object to represent the tail, and Grover finds objects that looks like the arms and legs. They put all of the objects together to create their very own dinosaur model and they name it Barbara.