Season 39

Original Air Date:
October 20, 2008

Brought to you By:
V and 11

Educational Goal:

Word on the street:  Penguin
A black and white bird that waddles when it walks. They don't fly but they have two flippers that help them swim really well.

Episode Summary

Chris and Alan become the judges of the Sesame Street Bird Games. This is where birds of all feathers compete in exciting bird events. Big Bird, a duck and a chicken are the contestants. The first event is the Square Meal Peck where each bird must make a square out of bird seed. The duck wins by making the perfect shape with four equal sides.

The 30 second Egg Lay is the next event. The chicken is the only bird who can actually lay an egg, so the chicken wins. Next, there's the Rhyming Competition, which Big Bird wins. The scores are now tied- one point for each bird. The Bird Dance Competition is the final event and whoever wins this will have two points and win the grand prize.

Each bird must do a dance that shows what if feels like to be a bird. All of them dance so "birdy" in their own birdish way that Alan and Chris decide that Big Bird, the chicken and the duck all win! The grand prize is ten pounds of birdseed which they all feast on together.