Season 42

Original Air Date:
December 8, 2010

Brought to you By:
G and 5

Educational Goal:

Word on the street: Crunchy
Making a cracking, crispy sound when bitten into or chewed, such as a carrot or apple.

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Episode Summary

What's this? Elmo is examining a kiwi when Super Grover comes flying in to help. Super Grover thinks the kiwi is a rock, but Elmo points out that the kiwi is soft and fuzzy. Just then the Super Food Super Heroes come in and explain that a kiwi is a type of fruit and encourage Elmo to try it. He doesn't like it at first, but tries it again and loves it!

Next, Super Grover flies in to help Rosita, who is trying to open a big bag of Crunchy Twists, but he's unsuccessful and spills them. Luckily, the Super Foods help Rosita find a new, healthy snack. They show Rosita that there is a rainbow of delicious, healthy foods that can help make your body strong.

Super Grover, discouraged because he's been unable to "save the day," flies off to find someone who can actually use his help. He comes upon a rooster who can't carry his heavy suitcase. Super Grover tries to lift the suitcase, but can't! The Super Foods arrive and ask him what he ate for breakfast, and Grover explains that he is too busy to eat breakfast. He doesn't have any strength or energy to lift the heavy suitcase because he didn't eat the most important meal of the day. The Super Foods give him some healthy breakfast foods and Grover gains his strength back!