Original Air Date:
December 12, 2013

Brought to you By:
M & 4

Educational Goal:

Word on the street: Translate
To change from one language into another language.

Episode Summary

Rosita's abuela is moving to Sesame Street from Mexico! What's an abuela? It's the Spanish word for grandmother! Elmo, Telly, and Baby Bear want to meet Rosita's abuela. But Rosita tells them that they can meet her abuela later, and the four of them play a game of soccer.

Rosita keeps getting called away from the game to translate for her grandmother, who only speaks Spanish. Eventually Rosita becomes so embarrassed that her abuela only speaks a language that her friends don't understand, that she runs and hides.

When Maria finds Rosita and talks to her, she explains that she used to get embarrassed when she had to translate for her family too. But now, Maria feels proud to speak Spanish because it's part of who she is. Will Rosita learn to be proud of who she is, too? Tune in to find out!