Season 42

Original Air Date:
December 27, 2010

Brought to you By:
V and 10

Educational Goal:

Word on the street: Gem
A special stone that has been cut into a shape and smoothed, such as a diamond.

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Episode Summary

Vergil Von Vivaldi has come to Sesame Street to start a rock band made completely of rocks, singing a song about how there are rocks all over Sesame Street. The sidewalk, a statue in the garden, and the building are all made of rock. Elmo and Abby join Vergil to search for rocks and try to identify their names based on their characteristics.

First, they find a tiny rock: a pebble. It's too light to be the singer of the rock band, but can be the tambourine player. Elmo then sees a heavy rock: it will play the gong in the rock band. Zoe suggests Rocco could be the lead singer. The group observes that Rocco is a rock called basalt, which means it came from a volcano. Unfortunately basalt has too many holes, so Rocco can't be the lead singer, but he can play bass.

Then Elmo finds limestone with fossils on it: it can play the flute. Zoe finds a shiny rock called obsidian that can play the oboe. Then, Abby finds marble that is sparkly and colorful: it can play the mandolin. They haven't yet found a lead singer, so Abby finally changes Vergil into a smooth, crystal like, sparkly rock called a gem. The only thing left to do is…rock out!

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