Original Air Date:
September 27, 2011

Brought to you By:
J and 12

Educational Goal:

Word on the street: Experiment
A test that you do to find an answer to your question.

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Episode Summary

Will it sink or will it float? Elmo and Zoe are experimenting. Zoe wants to help Rocco the rock float, so they place him on floating pencils, paper, and foil. Zoe and Elmo are not so pleased to find that they all sink with Rocco on top!

Good thing Elmo and Zoe are thinking and testing out theories and methods like engineers. With Leela's help, they design a boat by wrapping a sheet of foil around pencils. Hey, Rocco the rock can float—on a boat. Watch and observe your little scientist build her awareness of the scientific process.

Also in This Episode

Special guest star Craig Ferguson explains what "experiment" means. Plus, in Abby's Flying Fairy School the pals build the world's tallest block tower, and in Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures, Bert and Ernie are cavemen! Also, Murray experiments with cars down ramps. Finally, Elmo's World is all about hands.