Season 38

Original Air Date:
October 12, 2007

Brought to you By:
D and 17

Educational Goal:
Cognitive Reasoning

Word on the street: Angry
To be angry is to be mad. Both are the same strong feelings you get when someone does something bad or unfair.

Episode Summary

Prairie Dawn, the Fairy Tale News reporter, is here to ask, "How can you prepare for an emergency?" Fairy Tales are full of them, so who better to interview first than the Three Little Pigs. They are preparing for the Big Bad Wolf since you never know when he'll show up to blow your house in. Good thing one of the pigs has a Big Bad Wolf Emergency Kit full of bricks to build his house. His preparation paid off and his brick house is still standing.

Prairie Dawn then interviews Sleeping Beauty who is preparing for a falling asleep emergency. If the Prince isn't around to kiss her and wake her up, she could sleep through everything. She has prepared a Sleeping Beauty Emergency Wake-Up Kit which includes an alarm clock, as well as a back up rooster who has also had bugle lessons just in case.

Baby Bear is also prepared for a home invasion from Goldilocks. He invented a Porridge Detector Protector and it really works! Hopefully Prairie's special presentation will help all fairy tale characters prepare for their emergencies.