Original Air Date:
April 18, 2013

Brought to you By:
Z and 19

Educational Goal:
S.T.E.M. + The Arts

Word on the street: Sculpture
A piece of art that is made by shaping or carving something, or by putting things together.

Episode Summary

Baby Bear's favorite porridge brand "Quaker Porridge" is holding a Porridge Art Contest where contestants must create a likeness of the Quaker Duck Man made entirely out of porridge. The prize is lunch with the Quaker Duck Man! Baby Bear is excited to enter, and gathers his art supplies.

First, Baby Bear tries to paint with porridge, but when he places the canvas upright on the easel, the porridge slides right off. Then, Baby Bear discovers that his porridge turns thick and pasty the longer it sits out. He gets the idea to put nuts and berries in the porridge to create a mosaic. His work of art seems like a success until some animals come over and eat it!

Finally, Baby Bear decides to cover Telly in porridge to create a statue, but Alan explains to Baby Bear that this is cheating. By this time, Baby Bear notices the porridge has hardened on Telly like a plaster cast. Will Baby Bear discover a way to make his own sculpture out of porridge to win the contest?